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Our highest priority is advocacy for the prevention, intervention, and treatment of addiction. This goal is accomplished through prudent execution of personal and corporate advocacy efforts at local, state and national levels. The expertise, integrity, and commitment of our association management firm and the staff of our national affiliate lead advocacy efforts. Advocacy includes monitoring regulatory agencies at state and federal levels.   capitol


Texas' 85th Texas Legislative Session

HB 3083 – bill to add LCDCs to student loan forgiveness program – will be heard in Public Health Committee Tuesday, April 18


HB 442 – remove home addresses from online registry of licensed counselors – assigned to Local and Consents Calendar Committee yesterday – this means there is no opposition expected and it should pass through easily


HB 10/SB 860 – Parity bill - passed in the House on April 4th; has been sent to the Senate to be voted on there;  Passed House with approximately  132 Yes votes


HB 1486 – Peer support bill – will be voted on in full House on Wednesday, April 19; if it passes will move on to the Senate for a vote.


HB 2818 – determining authority of diagnosing within scope of practice for LMFTs, LPCs, SWs, and LCDCs – heard in Public Health Committee this past Tuesday, April 11


HB 2898 – would create Behavioral Health Executive Council to oversee all the behavioral health counselor licenses – was heard in Public Health Committee this past Tuesday; we are not opposed to LCDCs being governed by this Executive Council, we were left off in having any representation on the Council, which all the other licenses have; this Council would also have authority over rules that affected our license, scope of practice, etc but without any means to have input into that process; we did not oppose the bill but testified to the need for representation on the Council. The PhD psychologists were very opposed to being included in this group and came out strongly to voice their opposition.


HB 3408 – this is a bill we opposed and it has been assigned to a committee but not scheduled for any hearings (it could go nowhere without us doing anything) – it would add 6 hours of suicide prevention training to all counselor CE requirements; it is very imbalanced in that it adds this training to more than just counselors but only adds 1 hour to the other healthcare professionals. Our opposition is based that counselors are trained in this extensively and have to rely on this knowledge frequently in assessments whereas others who don’t use it often and have minimal training, yet engage with patients on a very regular basis, only have to have 1 hour. Also, we are opposed to additional legislated requirements for CE to go with the HIV and ethics training already required.


HB 640 – we registered opposition – this relates to regulation of halfway houses – our opposition is based on it would create discriminatory regulations on recovery housing – It has been sent to Calendars and is awaiting scheduling to be heard by the full House


Other bills of some interest but have not moved beyond committee assignment at this point – HB 90 – would add $60 fine to offenses above C Misdemeanor, the additional $$ would fund drug courts.

HB 1981 – has to do with occupational licensing and criminal history – would benefit people in recovery with criminal history


HB 2107 – medical marijuana


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