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Legislation & Advocacy

Legislation, Advocacy & Community Outreach

capitol Our highest priority is advocacy for the prevention, intervention, and treatment of addiction. This goal is accomplished through prudent execution of personal and corporate advocacy efforts at local, state and national levels. The expertise, integrity, and commitment of our government affairs consultants and the staff of our national affiliate, NAADAC, the Association of Addiction Professionals, lead advocacy efforts. Advocacy includes monitoring regulatory agencies at state and federal levels.

Legislative Updates

Introduced in House (06/03/2019) -  H. Res. 419 116th Congress 1st Session

This resolution expresses the support of the House of Representatives for recognized standards of education, training, and skills to deliver substance use disorder counseling and recognizes the addiction professionals who provide these services. 

  • Acknowledging the contributions of America’s addiction professionals and their commitment to delivering evidence-based practice to individuals with substance use disorders through recognized standards of education, training, and competencies.

  • Click Here for the full document

Advocacy & Community Outreach


April 2019 - Left to Right: David Hutts (Austin), Rick Green (San Antonio), Katrina Gary-Forte (Houston),
Laurie Roe (Fort Worth), Sherri Layton (San Antonio), Kimberly Scales-Fair (Fort Worth),
Patrick McGowan (Austin), Laura Winn (Valley), John Cates (Houston)


TAAP members visit with Senator John Cornyn during NAADAC’s Advocacy in Action Conference in Washington DC!

TAAP advocates discussed with Senator Cornyn his recent appointment as Chairman of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. The Caucus’ focus is to expand international cooperation against drug abuse and narcotics trafficking. He expressed his appreciation for the work we do as addiction professionals and let us know he understands addressing both the demand and supply sides of the issue are important.

The group also had an extended meeting with the Senator’s healthcare policy staff member. Senator Cornyn is very interested in prevention programming in our public schools and we were able to share with him several resources that demonstrate the effectiveness of prevention. Other topics included protection of patient privacy, need for ongoing block grant funding to support access to services in Texas, benefits to our Texas addiction workforce from the National Health Service Corp and Minority Fellowship programs. We also voiced our opposition to the States Act and encouraged more research on medical and recreational marijuana.


Capitol Day at the Texas Capitol


  • NAADAC Advocacy in Action Conference will be held in conjunction with NAADAC’s Annual Conference in September 2020. Visit naadac.org for more details.
  • ABCs of Advocacy Training will be held in Fall 2020 at the Texas Capitol.
  • Recovery Day at the Texas Capitol will be held in Spring 2021.

    • More details on the Texas events will be available later in 2020.....


Thank you to our TAAP Members for making a difference!

Over 150 advocates from around Texas participated in Recovery Day and shared their experience and insights with Texas lawmakers.

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